6 Common Invisalign Myths, Debunked

You may have heard the following things about Invisalign braces, but are they accurate? Your team at Xmile Orthodontics is here to bust the myths!

Myth #1: Invisalign is Less Effective

Fact: Invisalign clear braces are shown to be just as effective as metal braces for most conditions. In fact, according to dentist in Pasadena, 77504 suggest that Invisalign treatment has distinct advantages over traditional braces, such as healthier teeth and gums due to ease of brushing and flossing.

Myth #2: Invisalign is More Expensive

Fact: You may be surprised to learn that the cost of Invisalign can be comparable to or even less than traditional braces. Another advantage is that Invisalign treatment in 77504, TX is often shorter in duration and requires less frequent office visits – saving you both time and money


Myth #3: Invisalign Can Be Used at Any Age

Fact: Invisalign is often marketed toward adults and teenagers who do not want to have visible braces. Invisaign is not appropriate for younger children whose teeth are just in the growing stage.

Myth #4: Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover Invisalign

Fact: This is perhaps the biggest misconception of them all. Too often people believe that Invisalign is only for cosmetic purposes, and therefore think their Insurance Company won’t cover the treatment. If your insurance plan covers traditional metal braces, they will almost always cover Invisalign too.

Myth #5: Invisalign is Faster/Slower Than Traditional Braces

Fact: Typically, it takes about 10-12 months to get your perfect smile, which is about 50% of the time as other methods. Your progress depends upon following your dentist’s instructions very carefully. You’ll want to ensure that you wear the aligners 20-22 hours per day so that the system can work as efficiently as possible.

Myth #6: Invisalign Aligners Require Less Attention to Oral Hygiene

Fact: It’s true that with removable Invisalign aligner it’s easy but still oral hygiene is very important. Simply remove your aligners and brush and floss as normal. Cleaning your aligners is simple too. Just rinse, soak and brush them gently with an antibacterial soap.

Emergency Orthodontic Care

Have you ever encountered a dental emergency? Dental emergencies can be serious and you should certainly rush to the nearest dental clinic but in the meanwhile, you can try to manage the situation by simple remedies. Few emergencies can be fixed at home or at least make you comfortable till the time you reach your dentist.

How to Tackle Some Common Dental Emergencies at Home:

1. Loose Brackets

If your bracket is loose enough to fall off or has fallen off already, put it in a clean bag and bring it to dentists during next appointment. If it’s slightly loose, you can keep an eye on it. If the bracket is loose and rubbing your mouth, you can apply dental wax.

2. General Soreness

You may feel soreness few days after getting your braces and may feel tender while chewing or biting. Try to chew soft food and be on a liquid diet as much as possible. You can also use a soothing mouth rinse. If the pain persists, go with over the counter pain killers.

3. Poking Wires

If the wire is causing irritation to your mouth, you can put it back by tweezers. If that doesn’t help, use the back of a pencil eraser and push the wire back followed by applying some dental wax so that it doesn’t hurt any further.

4. Uncomfortable Headgear

Improper adjustment is the main cause of pain due to headgear. It is important to listen carefully and follow the instructions given by dentist. Also, the headgears take some time to become comfortable so try to wear it often.

5. Loose Wires

The ends of the lose wire are quite sharp and can hurt your mouth. You should take a pair of small tweezers and try to put the lose wire in its place. Dental wax can also help in controlling the lose wire.

6. Irritation from the Appliance

Appliances either become lose or their edges can rub a particular area of your mouth and hurt it. It is recommended to apply dental wax to the area as it will help in soothing your sore mouth.