Braces colors: How to pick the best braces color for your teeth

Your braces could last for months or even years, hence, it is important for you to be happy with the color of braces that you choose to get. Whether you just wish for your braces to complement your skin tone or desire to get festive with your look, the color of braces can be used to help you feel confident until the day your braces are ready to come off.

What color braces should I get?

Even though the color of your braces can be changed at regular intervals with your dentist, it could be confusing to choose the best color for your braces, so here are some tips on how to choose the best braces color for you:

  • White braces, although good, can turn into an off-white color after drinking and eating certain foods. They can also make your teeth appear more yellow, since your tooth enamel may not be as naturally white as the bands.
  • Darker colors like purple and navy blue are braces that make your teeth look whiter since they contrast with the natural color of your teeth. However, dark green and brown can seem like food stuck in your teeth.
  • Yellow and gold could complement natural yellow shade of your teeth, making them look more yellow than they actually are.
  • For people with teeth that have a yellow tint, it is better to choose clear or silver bands while people with a natural white color should choose black to make your teeth appear even whiter.

Braces color ideas:

  • Favorite color: Pick a color that you already love.
  • Match your outfit: Look at the common colors in your closet and pick a color suitable to it.
  • Holidays and Events:  Match the color with an upcoming holiday or special occasion.
  • Your favorite sports team: Put your favorite team’s colors on display with your braces.
  • Colors that complement your eyes: Green bands complement brown eyes. Blue, pink, and lilac complement blue eyes; while purple, red, green, and orange intensify green eyes.

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Your Most Common Orthodontics Questions Answered

Over the years we, at Xmile Orthodontics, have seen a cohort of questions getting repeated in some of the other way. For people, it is both intimidating and difficult to understand how their overbite and underbite problems are solved, or how their teeth can be aligned in the most perfect way possible.

If you have had such or similar questions, here are the answers to them.

How much do braces cost?

This is an extremely subjective question. The cost of braces would be dependent upon the complexity of the alignment of the teeth, the material used and the period for which the braces will have to be put up. That said, you can expect the entire procedure to cost somewhere around $5000, if you go to a seasoned professional who provides the best services.

What should I eat while wearing braces?

Most of the times, your dentist will be the best person to answer this question. For the initial period of having started with braces, it is recommended that you keep your diet simple and liquid heavy. Over a period of time, once your braces have held their position, you can shift to eating your normal diet without any hesitation or complication.

How do retainers work?

Braces are supposed to bring your teeth into the right alignment, whereas the retainers are supposed to give your teeth internal support. This support is crucial in determining the definitive shape of your teeth.

Many people believe that mere usage of braces would do the job for them and they will not need retainers. That is far from reality. Braces and retainers, combined, make up the process of realignment of teeth. Without retainers, your teeth may not get into the perfect shape and you might even have to repeat the entire process starting right from ground zero. Thus, finish up the entire process and wear both braces as well as retainers as instructed by your dental expert.

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