Keeping Your Braces or Aligners Clean On the Go

Keeping Your Braces or Aligners Clean On the Go

Are you considering orthodontic treatment such as traditional braces or even Invisalign in Pasadena, TX? When it comes to orthodontic treatment, keeping your smile and orthodontic appliance clean is extremely important. Failing to properly keep your smile and braces clean during your treatment can actually increase your risk of decay and even discoloration. Today, Xmile Orthodontics is covering the things you must have to keep your braces or aligners clean while on the go:


When it comes to keeping your mouth and body healthy, water is an extremely important factor. After eating or even drinking a sugary beverage, washing it down with some water can greatly reduce the impact it hs on your smile. We recommend swishing the water around in your mouth to get rid of any debris or leftover sugar. Although rinsing isn’t quite as good as brushing, it is better than leaving debris in, on or around your teeth.


For those with traditional braces or even clear aligners, floss can be extremely handy while on the go. Traditional braces tend to get debris stuck in/on the archwire along within the brackets. Floss can allow you to clean your braces along with making sure no debris is left between your teeth where it can promote the growth of bacteria, acid, and even plaque. For those with clear aligners, floss picks can be very handy and easy to use!


Feel like there is still something stuck between your teeth or even in your braces? Having a mirror that you can easily carry around with you can be very useful to locate any debris that may be leftover in your smile after a meal. Don’t have a mirror? Try your “selfie” camera on your phone!

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