My bracket is loose- What do I do?

My bracket is loose- What do I do?

Brackets are those parts of a brace which restrain the teeth in order to achieve appropriate realignment. However, at times, they may break or become loose. This is a very normal problem and there’s no need to panic over this. The breaking of brackets, or their loosening or even their completely coming off is quite normal. However, it is important that they are fixed immediately by experts like Xmile Orthodontics. Here is step by step guide for troubleshooting this problem:

Let’s evaluate the issue. Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

  • Which is the tooth on which the bracket has become loose?
  • Are there other brackets having a similar issue?
  • Is the loose-bracket causing any discomfort?
  • What was the reason it became loose?
  • Should other brackets be considered while correcting the problematic one?

The next step is to properly evaluate why this happened so that your orthodontist can address the issue and hopefully save you from any future trouble. All these need to be considered:

  • Did your bracket break because you bit on to something hard or sticky?
  • Do you brush adequately every week?
  • Have you been brushing your teeth too hard?
  • Whether the tooth in question has had a history of the same problem?

Once you start considering these questions, you may be able to prevent such occurrences in the future and you will want to take more care of your teeth as well. You can be clear about your issues and can discuss them with your orthodontist.

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In order to solve your dental problems, it is important that you consult an experienced orthodontist. You need to get your problem solved as soon as possible because if not addressed timely, loosening of brackets on one tooth can weaken the other teeth as well. This might invite even bigger troubles. So, if you have a loose bracket or a broken one, schedule an appointment with an experienced orthodontist near you like Xmile orthodontists and make sure you don’t lose out on that pretty smile of yours.

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