Emergency Orthodontics in Pasadena, TX


Many orthodontic emergencies can be solved temporarily on your own until you can get to our Pasadena office. Place a loose piece that can be easily removed in an envelope or a plastic bag and bring it to your next appointment. Put wax on protruding wires or brackets that may be irritating the soft tissues of the mouth. If a wire slips out of place, put it back using needle-nosed pliers.

Emergency Orthodontist Near Me

After you alleviate pain or discomfort, contact Xmile Orthodontics as soon as possible to book an appointment to fix the problem. Never allow your wires or brackets to remain damaged for an extended time. Doing so may result in further problems or delays in your treatment plan.

Loose Wires or Brackets

If a bracket or band becomes loose, call our Pasadena office immediately. A loosened bracket may need to be immediately re-fitted. Sometime an orthodontic emergency in Pasadena will occur after hours. In these cases, a wire may need to be cut, or a bracket slid off a wire. If you find yourself in this situation at night or over the weekend, you can snip the wire with fingernail clippers sterilized in alcohol. Be sure to contact us the following business day to schedule an emergency visit.

Wire Irritations

Some wire irritations can be resolved with a small piece of wax or cotton. Gently move the wire away from the irritation with a cotton swab. If the wire won’t budge, cover the end with wax or cotton. If you are experiencing pain, cut the wire with nail clippers or scissors that have been washed thoroughly and sterilized. Call us right away if these steps do not resolve the irritation.

Lost Separators

It is common for patients who wear braces to misplace a separator at one time or another during treatment. If this happens to you, don’t panic. Call your Pasadena, TX orthodontist to determine if you need a replacement.

Discomfort with Orthodontic Treatment

Expect to experience some soreness, discomfort or pain during the first week of wearing braces. These symptoms do not require emergency orthodontics in Pasadena. We recommend that patients take a non-aspirin pain reliever while adjusting to orthodontic treatment. In addition, a warm compress may alleviate soreness in the jaws.

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