Orthodontic Consultations in Pasadena, TX

At Xmile Orthodontics, patients are never required or pressured to start treatment. An orthodontic consultation in Pasadena is an opportunity to meet with our orthodontist and learn about available treatment options and how they can help you or your child. At Xmile Orthodontics, we offer free orthodontic consultations in Pasadena, TX. No one is ever obligated to commit to receiving a procedure with us just because they had a complimentary consultation. Your initial meeting with our Pasadena orthodontist is intended for informational purposes.

What to expect during an orthodontic consultation?

Your free orthodontic consultation in Pasadena may include:

  • A review of your or your child’s dental and medical history
  • An oral exam with x-rays
  • Possible orthodontic treatment options
  • Review of insurance information and estimated costs
  • Explanation of each procedure, what is involved and what they can achieve

3D Oral Exam

Our Pasadena orthodontic team will perform a comprehensive oral examination to ensure you are an ideal candidate for orthodontic treatment. It is important to identify any potential concerns upfront. The initial exam includes X-rays and 3D imaging that will provide our orthodontist in Pasadena with a complete view of your entire oral cavity including all teeth above and below the gum line, soft tissues, nerve paths, and much more.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Since every patient is unique, each person requires an individualized orthodontic treatment plan. After a comprehensive oral exam, our Pasadena orthodontist will discuss your smile goals and treatment options. We will recommend a plan of action to help you achieve the healthy smile of your dreams. During this visit, we will also review all the steps involved in the plan and address any questions and concerns.

Pricing, Insurance, and Financing

After reviewing the best solutions, the team at Xmile Orthodontics will provide a treatment timeline and related pricing for the recommended plan. At this time, all pricing and insurance-related questions can be answered, included what services are covered under your dental plan. Convenient financing options are also available for patients that need it. At Xmile Orthodontics, we offer customized payment plans and financing options to fit every budget.

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