Orthopedic Appliances in Pasadena, TX

To complete your orthodontic treatment successfully, it is necessary to follow the instructions provides by your Pasadena orthodontist. Specific orthopedic appliances may be prescribed to assist tooth and jaw movement. It is important to wear these appliances consistently.

Pasadena Orthopedic Appliances Near You

Your orthodontic treatment plan may include one or more of the following orthopedic appliances in Pasadena:

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE): Expanders widen the upper jaw by applying gentle pressure on the top molars every time an adjustment is made. As both sides of the upper jaw move apart, space is created between the top front teeth. After the desired expansion is achieved, you will continue to wear the appliance for a few months to prevent regression.

The MARA Class II Corrector: Your Pasadena orthodontist will attach the Class II corrector to the first molars with heavy-duty bands. Unlike removable repositioning appliances, this Class II correction is a non-compliance approach that results in greater predictability of tooth movement and reduced treatment time.

Forsus: When the Forsus appliance is attached to dental braces for overbite correction, costs and time are reduced. A metal piston on each side is attached to brackets that work well with little to no discomfort.

Twin Force Bite Corrector: A new orthodontic appliance, Twin Force is a fixed bite corrector that attaches directly to braces without the need for dental impressions or lab costs.

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