The Worst Sweets To Eat With Braces

The Worst Sweets To Eat With Braces

If you have a sweet tooth, you will encounter some sweet cravings even when you are wearing braces. It is difficult to say no to your favorite treat and sweets. However, you need to avoid them when wearing braces explains the dentist in Pasadena, TX.

Dangers of Eating Sugar with Braces

What Sugar Does to Teeth?

When you have sugar, the mouth ends up dealing with acid attack for 20 minutes. Eating a single piece of candy exposes your enamel for 20 minutes by millions of bad bacteria colonies. The more sweets you have, the more severe the attack.

Carbs and Starchy Foods are problematic Too

Apart from sweets, you also need to avoid carbs and starchy foods as they break down into sugars, which can result in the production of acid. Keep away from potato chips, white bread, and other starchy choices.

Specific problems with candy

Apart from sugar, candies also create other problems for people who wear braces. It’s hard, chewy, and gummy, which means these sugars can stay on your teeth for longer duration.

Sweets to avoid

  • Caramels
  • Anything gummy
  • Hard candies
  • Chewy sweets
  • Sweets with nuts

When You do Indulge

Wearing braces doesn’t mean you have to give up on sweets completely says the dentist near 77504. If you indulge in sweets once in a while, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose soften and melt-in-mouth options such as chocolates and peanut butter cups. They melt instantly and don’t stick to your teeth.
  • Try fruit smoothies when you are craving for something sweet. Fruit smoothie is much better than having chocolates and candies.
  • Avoid having sugar all day long. While it’s ok to indulge in sweets safe for dental appliances, avoid having them all day long.
  • Last but not the least, brush and floss your teeth within 30 minutes of having something sweet. If you are not in a position to brush, at least use a mouthwash for rinsing. Also, you must never allow the sugar to sit on your teeth all night long, so brush your teeth before going to bed.
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